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Webinars: An Agile Approach to Educate Staff in Pandemic

The digital classification of key work mandates has encouraged usage of various not so popular channels of communication. Webinars are one of them. It is your playground if you aim to initiate an employee skill enhancement program. In this article at PMTips, Aina Aliieva shares an insightful approach to conduct webinars. It would lead you through uncertainty in the future.

The Digital Realm

To remain ahead of the fast-evolving market trends, leverage webinars, and share valuable information with your team. Use these tips to conduct insightful webinars for your project team:

Pick a Catchy Title

Keep an attention-grabbing title because your target audience is busy with a range of daily tasks. Only alluring content would encourage them to invest time in your digital talk. Also, ensure the instances you quote in the session must resonate with the gathering.

Prepare to Persuade

Only by making the webinar entertaining can you encourage people to attend it often. Instead of referring to your notes, memorize the points, and keep the whole session interactive.

Narrow Down Spontaneity

Sharing your views on an online platform is not as spontaneous as an on-stage interaction with the crowd. Do not improvise if you are a new or amateur speaker. It requires practice, skills, and remarkable presence of mind to be spontaneous in a webinar.

Have Versatile Points of Interaction

An online platform gives instant feedback. You must maintain creativity while interacting with the audience. Otherwise, people would disengage. Keep the session open to communicate, you can also write all the major talking points on your PowerPoint slides. Use the most trending keywords and graphics ready to grab their attention.

Envision Your Audience

Assume you are talking to a set of close friends. Since friends do not judge, sharing thoughts with them becomes easy. Thus, it is the key to communicating ideas and views at a webinar. It would help you mitigate anxiety and make you sound confident.

Clear Communication

The microphone plays a significant role in conducting a webinar. It can make your show a flop in minutes due to frequent interruptions. So, invest in a high-quality microphone if you aim to hold webinars often.

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