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How to Work Independently Without Your Team’s Support

Prove how you can work independently to avoid being micromanaged by your superior. However much passionate you are about the job, you lose the joy in coming to work otherwise. You can start a new business where you are the boss. Until that happens, Andrew Moran suggests tips to help you work independently in this CareerAddict article.

Tips to Work Independently

You cannot work independently overnight, so you must strive for it every day. Here are the tactics to work independently:

Improve Your Dependability

Are you the first to be online and last to log off? Urgent deadlines or staying late for a client call—are you the best option for a manager? To increase dependability, keep your social media browsing for after-work hours and shorten lunch breaks.

Update Yourself with Relevant Skills

How many skills did you add after graduating? A new certification or course in your CV would make you a prime candidate in the job market. Also, your current employer would know that you are serious about your job.

Say Yes to All Career Prospects

Is your manager asking you to arrange an office workshop? Though you do not have much experience in it, take up the assignment. If you can work independently on this, the next promotion might be yours.

Ask for Work-from-Home Options

You depend on the team at work. Why do not you work from home once or twice a week? You can display that you can complete tasks unsupervised.

Be a Smart Worker

Many slog and do not have a work-life balance. If regular work is taking up the entire time, do they have room for additional responsibilities? To work independently, be a smart worker.

Accept Your Mistakes

Move up the corporate ladder by accepting and learning from your mistakes. If you deny them and blame others, you lose credibility. Take feedback objectively to grow professionally.

Keep Yourself in Check

Facebook and WhatsApp messages distract you, so you are wasting precious minutes to refocus. Prevent yourself from picking up the phone every five minutes.

Do Not Indulge in Office Politics

Office gossips are common during coffee breaks and mealtimes. However, it adds no skills to your resume and does not help you move up the corporate ladder.

Speak Up for Yourself

Is your coworker taking credit for your presentation because you have stage fright? Have one-on-one chats with your manager or send quarterly reports directly to clients. Learn to stand up for yourself to work independently and display leadership skills.

Do Not Make Job Your Life

Is the job your passion, or are you just there for the money and perks? You do not want to spend a significant amount of your life doing a job that does not appeal to you. Find the spark that makes you want to go to work.

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