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Does Your Resume Length Define Feat or Defeat?

From a word document describing your career goals and achievements to an audio-visual package, a resume’s real look and feel has changed a lot. In this article at the Muse, Angela Smith defines ways to decide the length of your curriculum vitae (CV). It must cover all the significant points related to your career, professional efficiency, and achievements.

Breaking Norms

Experts believe that your resume should not be more than a single page. In a practical world, there is no proven length or word limit that you must follow. Your career synopsis must depend on your experience, background, and variety of roles you have undertaken.

Ideal Resume Length

Here are some instances to clarify the page limit and length of your resume:

  • A single-page resume is ideal only when you wish to be concise.
  • Fresh graduate aiming to crack the first job interview can include their strengths and weaknesses in a one-page resume. It proves their effectiveness in getting the job.
  • Those that are likely to make a sudden career switch, changing industry or a new role, must also keep their resume to-the-point. Jot-down only your capabilities and professional accomplishments relevant to the job description.
  • Even if you have gathered experience in the same position or for one or two companies, keep your resume crisp. A steady work experience does not make you eligible to show off. Filling pages with lengthy explanation is a sheer waste of time. A single-page resume enables you to prove your accomplishments in limited sentences.
  • A two-page curriculum vitae allows you to talk at length about your abilities and strengths. You can add different sections to highlight your achievements. This format is perfect for candidates with more than eight years of work experience. Also, for those that are proactive in community service or volunteer for public forums.

However, it is not an excuse to show all your professional experiences. A general thumb rule is including the last 10 to 15 years of work experience only. Customize your resume per the job requirement. Highlight only the most recent and relevant skills acquired.

  • Three pages or more is for a specific opening that demands a detailed description of your career accomplishments. A lengthy CV like this is suitable for candidates with an extensive experience. You can add public engagements, patents, licenses, or other information in your work history, educational background, and professional skills.

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