Unable to Cope with ‘Always-On’ Culture? Read This

Are we utilizing technology, or is technology exploiting us? Whether we are traveling or lying to sleep at night, we are clutching our smartphones, waiting for the next ping of interaction. In a culture of 24/7 connectivity, the boundary between the work hours and off-hours seems blurred. A company culture that disregards the work-life balance of employees puts its employees at risk of chronic stress.

In this article at Harvard Business Review, John Hackston shares some actionable items that employers must consider to attract and retain millennial population.

Strategies for Managing ‘Always-On’ Culture

Promote Time Away from Work

Encourage employees to set aside time for their families.  Take steps to demonstrate that your company values and celebrates family and friends. Alongside, encourage activities such as exercise, recreation, and hobbies.

Set Clear Expectations

Implement policies that let employees have zones of ‘no availability,’ where managers or co-workers must not contact them unless it’s an extreme emergency.

Avoid Information Overload

“To avoid getting lost in the details, keep in touch with other people and ask for their take on the situation,” explains John. Don’t obsess with having a perfect home working environment or getting every little thing right.

See How Your Staff are Doing

Talk to your teams about how they feel about their after-office-hours work. Ask them if it is bothering them. Foster a culture of honesty. If your employees report problems about working overtime, come up with new ways to manage the problem.

Find a Work-Life Balance

Set boundaries for yourself and others regarding when you will and won’t use technology at home. Turn off your devices when you are not working, and this will undoubtedly lower your stress levels.

Remember that technology should serve rather than enslave a person. It’s on employers to create a culture where its staff feels empowered.  To read the original article, click on

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