Master the Art of Time Blocking Now!

Have you ever felt that you are not making any progress on your to-do list? Well, every employee has been there. It’s not a good feeling to get stuck in that endless loop of work. If you want to implement a new approach to boost your productivity, then consider the time blocking approach. In this article at Lifehack, Jayson DeMers explains how time blocking helps in increasing productivity and ways to be successful at implementing it.

What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking means planning out your day in advance and dedicating specific hours to accomplish particular tasks. To successfully implement the method, you must determine in advance what you want to achieve and when you will achieve it. Then, enter the tasks in your calendar and work on those tasks at the appropriate time during the day.

Tips to Successful at Time Blocking

Commit to a Single Task

Multitasking simply doesn’t work, no matter how good you are at it. “In fact, studies have shown that multitasking reduces productivity by 40%,” says Jayson. Therefore, for a given time block, set only one task. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by phone calls, emails, or other unrelated tasks. This change will undoubtedly make a massive difference in your productivity.

Keep Track of ‘Wasted’ Time

In addition to blocking time for your regular work, you must also block time for your routine things that you don’t realize are taking up time. Additionally, be flexible. What if something unexpected pops up? To prevent the surprises, block at least an hour each day for your unexpected tasks.

Review Your Plan

Calculate the number of hours listed and the time you left for unexpected meetings. Ask yourself: Does it exceed the working hours? Is it too less? Make amendments to the time blocks accordingly.

Time blocking helps you be more structured and keeps you focused more on your workdays. Well, give it a try now. Before that, if you want to know more tips on time blocking, click on

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