Pandemic Job Security: Do These 6 Things Right Now

Pandemic job security is essential when you find out that 26 million U.S. citizens have filed for unemployment. Companies are laying off employees left and right. You could be next. How can you make sure that you do not lose your livelihood? In this article at the Muse, Mary Kearl shares six things that you should do right now to have a pandemic job security.

6 Pandemic Job Security Tips

An International Coaching Federation-credentialed executive coach LaTonya Wilkins says that uncertainty is shaping the world around us. You cannot do anything if the entire team loses their job. If not for the current employment, prepare yourself for the next one. Here are the six things to enhance your pandemic job security:

Patience and Flexibility

You must be RAFT to survive the COVID-19 uncertainties, i.e., resilient, adaptable, flexible, and thoughtful. Resilience is the top skill that enables you to stand the test of time. Pay attention to company affairs and industry trends to adapt fast. Be ready to take on assignments that help your organization move ahead. Take up roles and tasks that were not in your initial job profile. Self-evolution can ‘set you apart’.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Bring out your creativity for the team as well as the organization. Increase the chance of your pandemic job security by discussing winning ideas with the top management. Claire Telling, CEO of Grace Blue Partnership, opines, “there will be a higher value on inventiveness and creative problem-solving.” Furthermore, Rise CEO Vivian Chen remarks that organizations are hiring people that identify and resolve corporate issues faster.

Continuous Learning

Instead of resenting the lockdown, take it as your golden opportunity to learn new skills. We should devote ourselves to becoming “students for life,” says Chen. Wilkins suggests working on things that you might need later. In the process, you will also discover a suitable learning model. Telling recommends having a long-term goal so that you can assume another role if needed. Ecommerce, customer service, digital strategy, and healthcare have the best growth potential now.

Execution Capabilities

Pre-planned 2020 strategies have failed so far. So, organizations want employees that can come up with solutions without much guidance. Your pandemic job security lies in doing odd jobs “with grit, determination, and dedication,” no matter how irrelevant.


Networking is a skill that you achieve after years of practice. Have virtual chats with your team, talk to a former manager, and attend online conferences together. Help others and do not be ashamed to ask for help. It might help you learn some neat tricks to complete tasks faster.


Telling observes that employers are emphasizing much on soft skills. Being empathetic would make your colleagues like you more, and employers would like to have you around. American Psychological Association reports that people ignore it because they must make a genuine effort to understand others. Lend an ear to your colleagues and share your thoughts to fight the isolation together.

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