Clarify 5 Things with Staff Before Reopening Offices

Reopening offices after a pandemic is a step that all are looking forward to. However, the threat is still out there, so some might be reluctant to return to work. You have changed some protocols for the safety of the employees. They must know those guidelines before resuming work. In this Business 2 Community article, Jessica Thiefels insists that you clarify five things with employees before reopening offices.

Tips to Reopening Offices

Communicating on the right platform with the right approach is imperative to get a message through. Here are the five things you must clarify with the staff before reopening offices:

Remote or Staggered Scheduling Options

Employees with high health risks might not feel safe, so encourage people to maintain social distancing or work remotely. Another option is staggered scheduling, where employees work and leave at different hours to reduce contact. Also, they can decide within the team to come on alternate days.

Change in Office Setup

When you are reopening offices, consider limiting those spaces where more footfall happens, like a break room. Employees must stay six feet apart. To enable that, set work desks away and close conference rooms. Discourage sharing office tools or chatting at a coworker’s desk. Give them a tour of the new setup and explain how to keep distances while working.

Sterilizing the Workplace

Not only should you clean the entire space, but also sterilize it before reopening offices. Install hand sanitizers and prohibit sharing office supplies. Get rid of technologies that require touch sensors. Promote walking meetings. Some organizations are hiring cleaning teams with a CDC nod, according to SERVPRO. Train your employees regarding sanitation protocols. Ensure that everyone knows where the cleaning supplies are.

The Mask Policy

Some U.S. states want staff to wear masks when employers start reopening offices. So, inform your team what your stand is. Also, clarify if the administration would provide masks for people that forgot to wear one to office. Email these instructions to all and hang signs on the office floor as a constant reminder.

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