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Remote Work Adjustments: Agility in a Fragile Time

Odd work hours, non-stop struggle to balance work and personal life, multiple virtual meetings, and so on. People used to picture this as the work-from-home scenario before the global pandemic. Nonetheless, the new normal has not changed the definition and made it a trend. In this report by the Cotswold Company, you will learn about the unique pros and cons of remote work.

The Adverse Effects

Adapting to the situation by leaving the traditional office hours was hard. Many people suffered immense stress to strike a balance between personal and professional life. The report states that about 57 percent of working professionals call it stressful, while only 18 percent enjoy it. The initial phase of global lockdown even encouraged a lot of skepticism over employee performance and employer excuses to slash wages and work rights.

The Bright Side

Along with the flexibility, work from home offered incredible benefits like cost-cutting, personal space, productivity, and so on. Those that were unable to spend time with family can finally do so now. According to the State of Remote Work 2020 survey, an average employee is saving £44.78 a week by not commuting to work and lunches.

Improved Lifestyle

Some evident changes like less traffic led to a dip in air and noise pollution, which turned to a better quality of life. Many professionals even initiated a balanced work-life plan to become a part of the gig economy. By offering freelance work, they have become self-employed. Also, you can redesign a healthier lifestyle by adjusting your work hours.

Using advanced tools and technologies, some organizations have established practices to improve employee skills. They conduct on-the-job online training and educational webinars to train their staff about cybersecurity practices. Click on the following link to read the in-depth research:

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