How to Destress Yourself During the Crisis?

Work, play, and rest – all under one roof? That’s the reality for millions of IT professionals across the globe. Furthermore, employees are unsure of how long the social distancing and work-from-home orders will be in place. As the crisis continues, it’s essential to create a work-from-home structure that lets you balance work productivity with personal wellbeing and health. In this article at Forbes, Sunshine Farzan shares some key strategies to achieve work-life balance during this critical time.

Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Keep a Notepad Handy

When you work from home, the line between work and personal life becomes blurred. An easy way to compartmentalize your personal and work activities is to have a notepad nearby. This will help you handle anything that needs your attention. For instance, when you are ‘off work’ and suddenly remember that you need to send a video conferencing invite to your co-worker, jot it down, and work on it when you are back in work mode.

Mind Your Physical Health

“The body and mind go hand in hand. When stress disturbs the brain, the rest of the body suffers,” says Sunshine. Physical activities, such as exercise, will help manage stress levels. Studies have revealed that exercises can reduce anxiety. Additionally, forming healthy habits such as a balanced diet will help your mind and body deal with work-related stress.

Be Gentle to Yourself

Feeling anxious is a common reaction during a stressful situation. Acknowledge that you are feeling stressed. Think about ways to manage that stress.

Utilize a Productivity App

Download an application that will help you block out distractions and stay focused. There are a wide variety of apps available – from site-blocking tools to productivity trackers.

The steps for achieving work-life balance is undoubtedly different for everyone. However, the underlying goal is the same: to create a structure that allows you to enjoy success at work while boosting your long-term physical and mental health. Click on to learn more.

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