How to Be a Part of A Successful Part-Time Workforce?

People choose part-time employment for several reasons. These include a demand to balance work-life that may be impossible with full-time work and limited opportunities within a chosen field. Irrespective of reasons, part-time work has undeniable benefits, like continued income, extended professional network, and experience. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Vivien Corwin, Thomas B. Lawrence, and Peter J. Frost explain strategies to make your part-time work successful.

Strategies for Successful Part-Time Work

“Making a part-time arrangement work takes time, energy, and creativity. Most executives, stressed already with too many day-to-day challenges to list here, see the design and maintenance of part-time work arrangements as just one more hassle,” explain authors. Most often, many part-time employees end up working more hours than they intended. Here are things you must do to ensure the hours you put in are as productive as possible.

Create Your Boundaries

Once you and your manager have agreed on your working hours, stick to them. Ensure that your co-workers know about your working hours. Start work on time and do not make working additional hours a habit. Additionally, have a designated workspace that is away from distractions if you work remotely.

Talk About Your Achievements

You can still command significant results on a part-time schedule. Keep track of your achievements. For instance, if you have authored a report that has inspired a new project, communicate that to your team and manager. This is an effort to raise awareness of your contributions. Demonstrate that being a part-timer isn’t holding you back.

Master Time Management

Schedule everything that goes into your workday. Use your organization’s calendar to enter what time your day starts and ends, client calls, time allocated for your project work, meetings, and administrative duties. Organizing your day will help you maximize the hours you have.

Record Meetings and Client Calls

If you are not in the office at the time of relevant team meetings or calls, ask your manager to record those events. These records will give you an exact record of everything that was presented and discussed in the meetings.

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