Want a Powerful Mission Statement? Add 3 Elements

A mission statement explains to the potential clients what your company is all about. People spend hours compiling one because it validates an organization’s existence. It can make or break a deal depending on how much it resonates with your customers or stakeholders. In this article at the Balance Small Business, Susan Ward shares the three elements that can make your mission statement a powerful one.

Compiling a Mission Statement

The mission statement states your organizational values and principles. It reveals the culture business owners want to provide their employees. It creates a sense of belonging and a potential long-term business relationship. So, here are the three key elements that you must introduce to have a powerful mission statement:

What: State Company Offerings

Instead of going round in circles, go straight to point. Declare the products and services your company has been offering for all these years. List all of them, with a tiny description if you want. For instance, you sell IoT devices and provide technical support and consulting when clients come on board. You can add a description of your offerings in the next section.

How: Add a Bit More Detail

In this section, you can add more detail about your products and services. Include your fundamental values as well for the clients to understand what you hold close to your heart. It can be as simple as ‘Provide high product quality’ or ‘Encourage innovation/creation’.

Why: Reveal Your Purpose

A business is driven by passion. This section is where you reveal why you wanted to start the company in the first place. Hark back to the days when it was a small startup. You wanted to start a business so that you can sell IoT devices and connect more people.

Once done, go through each section of the mission statement. Ask your mentor or a friend to provide objective feedback.

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