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How Do You Cut Down on WFH Screen Time? 5 Steps

Has your WFH screen time increased since the day you have started supporting your team from home? Previously, your eyes could rest during the watercooler chats, in-person meetings, lunch breaks, and transportation. Now, the endless video calls are not only stressing your eyes but also your body. In this HBR article, Elizabeth Grace Saunders shares five steps to help you cut down on your WFH screen time.

Curbing WFH Screen Time

Since you must keep your body upright, it wears your muscles out at the end of the day. Also, having so many pairs of eyes following your every move adds to your stress. Here are the five steps to cut down on your WFH screen time:

Choose Video Calls Only When Necessary

Zoom and other video apps give you the feel of being in the same room, but that should not be your default communication medium. Place a phone call, reply via email, and pass on ideas over team forums.

Block Your Productive Hours

By now, you know when you get the majority of the call, either morning or afternoon. Do all the necessary calls during that time, but block the rest of the work hours to finish your tasks. Let others know your availability.

Choose Offline Mode of Operations More

Are you working on an article? Write down the outline in a journal. Want to work out? Take your equipment outside and breathe the fresh air. Pick activities that you can do without using digital apps.

Keep Your Body Active

Sitting in front of the laptop can cause muscle fatigue that can further damage your body in the future. Walk during or after meetings, get up to have some water, and stretch your legs.

Stay Away from Technology During Breaks

You are rushing to meet deadlines, so eating in front of the laptop has become the norm. To reduce WFH screen time, steer clear of apps and screens during breaks. Your brain cells work better if you give it a little downtime.

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