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Is Work from Home Leading Employees to Burnout?

Remote work has become a regular practice amid the global pandemic. Employers are using productivity tools to watch over the daily outputs of employees. However, if you ignore the possibility of employee burnout, be ready to face its consequences later.

In this article at Harvard Business Review, Laura M. Giurge and Vanessa K. Bohns share some real facts about the growing rate of employee burnout. The authors also point out substantial risks of mental and physical health.

Work-Life Balance

The gap between personal and professional life is blurring as millions of employees continue working from home. Most believe that extra work would highlight their proficiency in the annual appraisal meeting. The global lockdown has increased the struggle to preserve health and productivity together. Here are some recommendations to help you maintain work-life balance:

Make Boundaries

Try creating boundaries while working from distributed locations. Consider the lockdown as a welcome change that saves time, effort, and cost of traveling to work. Follow a routine to accomplish office work and personal endeavors without jumping the fence. Get ready on time every day to log in to work. Replace your work commute time and effort with an early morning walk or run to a nearby park. Following the regular office routine would help you maintain consistency in work and personal commitments.

Keep It Temporary

A monotonous schedule leads to a lack of interest. So, stick to a 9-to-5 work schedule and respect the personal commitments of your peers. Find a suitable time to connect with them. If you have any prior personal obligations, keep your team members informed in advance about it. By creating temporary boundaries, you can collaborate with your coworkers better. Leaders can initiate regular virtual meetings at a suitable time for all to maintain work hygiene.

Set Priorities

By devoting your time and energy to finish top-priority tasks, you can make room for unexpected trivial tasks. When you are handling multiple tasks, pay attention to prioritizing the essential ones. It would ease your job. Dedicate the first three hours to finishing core tasks in your to-do list. Adjust the later hours to accommodate personal and professional commitments. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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