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Facilitate Mentorship to Bring a Digital Change

Online knowledge sharing has surged amid the global lockdown. Be it IT professionals, business owners, or CIOs, all are leveraging the time to grow. In this article at Forbes, Bianca Miller Cole explains that there is a pool of knowledge flowing around as you enter digital platforms. From live streams and panel discussions to webinars, everyone is overlooking for the real support of mentors.

Time to Bridge the Gap

Mentorship is a relationship that encourages experienced people to help and guide less experienced professionals. It is not necessarily a task limited to elderly coaches. Anyone with a certain amount of expertise in an offbeat area to share knowledge can take it. It would develop a sense of clarity and purpose among working professionals. Here are five ways to establish a path to mentorship in the digital arena:

Develop an Engaging Profile

The Internet is a space of instant sensation. If you introduce yourself as a mentor or mentee at a digital forum, finding direction would become easy. Also, share your ideas, suggestions, and vision on social media platforms. You may create your online portfolio to promote your mentorship ideas.

Expand Your Network

To increase your visibility in existing online channels, broaden your professional network. Connect with existing mentors through LinkedIn that has more than 500 million professional experts to share your aspirations.

Initiate Innovative Ideas

Interact with an elite advisor on social media platforms like Quora. Share your concerns and queries with them and request them to be your mentor. Follow their social media handles to learn from their posts. Ascertain that there is mutual understanding between you and your mentor. Share feedback with your peers to convince more members to join the digital classroom.

Switch to Industry Mentoring

Keep track of online industry associations that host expert talks or webinars. These forums are the best to share experiences, brainstorm ideas, and exchange feedback. So, grab the opportunity of connecting through a common platform.

Optimize Your Skills

Online mentoring allows you to engage in valuable discussions and collect feedback to improve your capabilities. These practices boost confidence and scale soft skills. To succeed in business or project management career, get or offer mentorship to grow.

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