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Is Your Office Safe to Resume? Who Can Assure This?

In the post-pandemic phase, offices are ready to maintain social distancing. However, employees are still not confident about returning to the office. In this article at Forbes, John Macomber and Joseph Allen suggest measures to check if the arrangements ensured by your organization are legitimate or not. Technology enables you to buy your own low-cost indoor air quality monitors to observe the real-time factors and ensure employee safety.

Key Requirements to Observe

According to the Forbes research termed as ‘decades in public health and commercial real estate,’ many categories of health performance indicators offer objective data. These HPIs gather and interpret various settings, sensors, and screening of symptoms, surveys, and statistics. Learn from these examples about how they work:


Before re-entering your office building, check on the underlying metrics like fresh air volume, AC capacity, and filtration facilities. A building manager can help you evaluate it. Ventilation and air quality are significant to fight the disease and ensure your safety at work. Humidity and temperature are equally extensive to reduce transmission.


Observe the pulse of your office like a physician by performing a constant check with air sensors. It is impossible to test the air for coronavirus directly, but you can adopt other measures to check the air quality in your office premises.


Like various other organizations, you can also conduct health tests of your employees before letting them enter the office. You can increase the budget to install biometric screening machines through rapid testing for active infections. It can also help you detect infected individuals.


Take employee surveys to ensure if they feel safe to resume work or not. Never ignore their comfort. Let them self-certify through a mobile app that they are fit to return.


Your staff’s concerns are never-ending. By keeping track of incremental sick days and health care expenses, monitor the current statistics. Also, they have legal rights to take action for their safety. A healthy work environment increases productivity to earn more profits for your business. So, keep a close watch over the performance of your office building and initiate necessary transformation to protect your staff.

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