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What Do Millennials Look for in an Organization?

Millennials are the future, and they’re the pool from which companies must select the bright young minds with the latest skills. As the labor market continues to improve, many millennials will undoubtedly receive multiple job offers during their search. How should you stay competitive and attract top talent? In this article at, the author explains what millennials exactly want from their companies.

The Top 5 Things Millennials Want in the Workplace


Millennials work well with clear instructions and concrete targets. Therefore, managers must focus on getting the tasks done on time rather than focusing on where and how they complete the task. If an employee is more productive, engaged, and delivers high-quality work, does it matter if they work from remote locations? No. If you want to attract top millennial talent, it is inevitable to encourage flexibility.

Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment instills a sense of community, creates transparency, and encourages collaboration amongst employees. Millennials want to be involved in the process of maintaining and building a great working culture. It could be frequent feedback, planned outings, or rearranging the office space – ensure to get your millennial employees involved.


“Organizations should make sure efforts and initiatives are in place to promote diversity and inclusion–both among candidates and existing employees,” says the author. Emphasize these efforts throughout your recruiting process, on the company website, and through social media. Diversity is crucial to today’s IT professionals.


Innovation expands opportunities and stimulates growth. If you want to stay competitive, you must continuously innovate, challenge the norms, and progress your ideas forward.  Millennials want to be a driving force of its success.

Strong Manager-Employee Relationship

Millennials want a boss they can trust, a manager who is interested in their professional and personal development, and someone they feel comfortable talking to.

When the employee experience is at an optimum level, the emotional commitment they have towards the organization and its goals hit another stratosphere. To read the original article, click on

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