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Older Workers Are in Demand Now. Know Why

According to studies, nearly 70% of human resource experts believe that older workers have a strong work ethic. The assessment seems accurate, based on the number of adults over the age of 50 who are part of a workforce. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Carol Fishman Cohen explains how the pandemic has created new demand for older workers.

How Have Workforce Age Dynamics Changed?

In recent times, many employers recognized the strengths the older workers had demonstrated all along – mature perspective, education, stable life stage, loyalty, work experience, institutional knowledge, and the energy and enthusiasm about returning to work. Besides, studies have revealed that workers over 50 years of age show greater job engagement than young workers. This is, in fact, the key ingredient in a company’s growth.

Another factor that acts in favor of older workers is their professionalism – a trait that is highly valued by employers. “Companies use return-to-work programs to tap high-potential professionals who have taken career breaks for eldercare, childcare, health issues, or expat or military spouse experiences,” says Carol. Today, many organizations are witnessing the contribution that older professionals are bringing to the table in an emergency.

Struggles to Adapt

Many employers have highlighted workplace flexibility in their HR policies and programs. However, a lot of older workers do not know anything about them and don’t feel free to use unless their supervisors actively encourage them to and enforce the policy. Experts believe that although HR professionals are gaining better insights into recruiting older workers, the issues arise when senior executives care only about the bottom line.

Furthermore, a blended workforce is here to stay, and employers must adopt this blended-workforce model, or they must be prepared to face problems in the future.

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