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Plan a Work-from-Home Schedule to Get Your Work Done

Without a work-from-home schedule, connecting to the office from your home is challenging. Do you end up working more hours? In addition to no proper setup, you must be doing several household chores in between. Do you feel the day is already gone, and you have achieved nothing? Susie Moore has whipped up a work-from-home schedule in this Muse article to keep yourself on the clock.

Making Work-from-Home Schedule Work

Have a simple work-from-home schedule. Decide what you should prioritize in which part of the day. Here’s a plan you can improvise to suit your needs:

7:30 am–Wake Up Now

Get up from your bed to start the day.

7:45 a.m: Do the Morning Routine

Make yourself a coffee, exercise, shower, meditate, and check your inboxes. Avoid surfing through social media channels first thing in the morning. Your mind gets distracted. Prefer formal clothes to pajamas to set the tone of the day.

8:15 am–Prioritize

Email the report that your boss asked for last evening. Checking prioritized tasks off the list helps you work in peace.

8:45 am–Work on the Important Ones

Your mind is fresh after last night’s sleep and can process information faster. Start with the important ones first. You are also at your creative best now, so assign your innovative tasks for this part of the day.

10 am–Take a Break

After a focused 75 minutes, get up to stretch your limbs. Make yourself another tea or coffee. Text friends and family or browse through social media.

10:15 am–Back to Your Work Setup

It is time to finish up the remaining of the essential or creative tasks. Avoid doing reactive work because that derails your work-from-home schedule.

12:30 pm–It’s Lunchtime

Step away from your work station to have lunch. Stretch yourself to avoid body aches later.

1:30 pm–Send Emails

You feel a little drowsy after having lunch. Devote this time to send out emails. Apart from the immediate emails, block this time to send out the rest of your messages.

2:30 pm–Have Standup Calls

Since you have done some productive work, schedule regular meetings in the afternoon. Extroverts would like to have some virtual connection with colleagues.

4:30 pm.: Check Your Inbox Again

Have you received any more emails? It is always good to check your inbox before you call it a day. You do not have to rush to send a reply the following day.

5 pm–Wrap Up

It’s time to wrap up the loose ends and plan what you should do the next day. Write a note to yourself about what you should prioritize first thing the next morning.

5:30-6:30 pm–Relax

Now that you are done with work call up friends or family members to share a joke or two. Select the movie you want to watch while your dinner is warming up in the oven.

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