Improve Poor Team Performance in 5 Easy Steps

Do you have to deal with poor team performance every day? Do your team members rush to get things done to avoid annoying coworkers? Is the only thing that the team looks forward to is finishing deadlines? If this is the general scenario, act now. In this article at the Balance Careers, Art Petty shares five easy steps to improve poor team performance.

Address Poor Team Performance

People usually feel cynical about working in a team. It reminds them of the dreaded classroom projects where they paired up with an awkward kid.

However, we cannot let that be the reason behind poor team performance as managers and leaders. The teams help to ideate, create strategies, schedule events, and get things done. However, humans cannot work without conflicts. Work on each improvement area so that you get the best out of the resources.

Here are five easy steps to improve the poor team performance:

Don’t Pick on Troublemakers in Front of Others

Resist the urge to call out the individuals that irk you in front of others. Too early in the stage can stop them from improving their performance. Also, the others in the team might think they might face similar treatment if they go wrong. Instead of fear, create trust.

Establish and Discuss Team Ethics

To address poor team performance, establish some ground rules that all must abide by. Everyone should be accountable for their actions and tasks. Teams should shoulder responsibilities as a unit to succeed. Set up the expectations you want from each member. Suggest to them how to address challenges or conflicts.

Assign Roles

Poor team performance can happen when team members do not know their roles and responsibilities. Instead of handing out your opinion, let them come up with what they understand about their responsibilities. Clarify if they are not aligned with your expectations.

Ask for Feedback

Another reason for poor team performance might be because of something you said or did. We do not always succeed in discovering our flaws until someone points it out to us. Ask your team what they think you should change in your leadership style to make things better.

Work on Difficult Teammates

Observe the behavioral pattern of team members that create the most ruckus. Let them know how their attitude affects the team as well as the business. If they are willing to improve, help them with specific instructions. If not, it is time to replace them.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/how-to-fix-a-poor-performing-team-at-work-4110024

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