5 Tips to Prove Your Leadership by Easily Managing Remote Teams

The global shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has put business leaders in a tight spot. They are responsible for managing clients alongside teams reporting from remote locations.

In this article at CIO, Sarah K. White suggests the ideal ways to lead a project team from home. You can use virtual communication channels to produce better results.

Priority Setting

Establish a strong IT leadership in the crisis by providing seamless internet connectivity to your team. Help them run unified IT operations with a reliable internet and VPN connection. Use a common platform like Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts to share sensitive data with them.

Prevent other possible security slip ups by fostering the habit of regular check-ins. Set reminders to address the team’s security concerns. Be vigilant about phishing attempts and educate your staff about malicious email links that can cause sophisticated cybersecurity attacks.

Trust Building with the Team

An IT leader must use practical means of communication to win the team’s trust. Secure video conferencing is available for your rescue. Conduct the daily stand-up calls for not more than 15 minutes to maintain workflow consistency.

Appreciate their hard work and acknowledge every effort extended by your team amid lockdown. Be open to hear and address your team member’s concerns.

Give Opportunity to Adjust

Avoid multiple virtual meetings to help your team adjust and perform the tasks given to them. If your employees spend half of the day attending meetings, they lose time in meeting your expectations.

Practice ‘essentialism’ to keep all the vital discussions to the point. In light of the global pandemic, employees need time to connect, not only with peers or bosses but with families and friends. So, be supportive and respect work-life balance for your team’s growth. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.cio.com/article/3542768/5-tips-for-leading-it-from-home.html?nsdr=true

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