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How to Get Along with a Toxic Boss When You Love Your Job?

In your professional life, apart from multiple role changes, you tend to experience different bosses. Some are lenient and supportive, while some are vicious and dominating. In this article at NBC News, Sarah DiGiulio suggests some ideal approaches to get along a tough boss.

Develop Leadership Skills

Working with a toxic boss may prove beneficial if you learn what not to do in your future as a leader. Proactively observe them and practice these smart ways to manage your bad boss:

Monitor and Adapt

Observe how your bosses operate and communicate with their peers and your team members. What are their priorities, and what can annoy them? See if they like frequent updates. Notice their preferences and compare them with your style of work. All these observations will help you assess the gap and adapt some practical ways to align with the boss better.

Try Harder

Once adapted to their work style, flood them with a range of information. Since your boss lack trust in you, resist getting them angry. Stop sharing frequent check-ins and status reports. Consider it as a learning experience to deal with people different from you. The more adaptable you become, the better managerial relationships you establish.

Time to Leave

Even after making continuous efforts to adapt if your boss remains bitter and continues dominating you in all meetings, it s time to switch. No harm in accepting the fact that you have tried your best to figure out a feasible solution you probably need. Nonetheless, it is just not working in your favor, and you need a change.

Toxic bosses tend to have a destructive nature to elevate their image. Working under them might turn you into a toxic person. So, the best way is to deal with the situation by finding your way. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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