Help Ex-Employees Find a Job to Survive Unexpected Layoffs

The global economic crisis has led to employee layoffs. Indeed, the situation raises concern over the inflow of funds and bandwidth. In cases like these, finding a suitable job to carry on is a bit difficult.

In this article at Forbes, Neal Taparia suggests some productive ways for managers to help their former team members land on their feet again.

Empower People

Following the unfortunate financial crisis, some made the difficult decision of terminating employees. The best you can do is find an alternative for them. So, here are some suggestions to help find a proper job for your former employees:

Ask Your Professional Connection

You might have a good contact with people from other industries and companies. Use your professional network and find a suitable job for these employees. Place them at a reliable firm where job security and an excellent pay package bring smiles on their faces. By referring the employees, you can help them find a suitable job without undermining their career or yours.

Offer Digital Assistance

You can offer a LinkedIn premium membership to the employees. Help them land a suitable job without sacrificing a lot. Sudden job loss make employees financially insecure. If you cannot offer financial assistance, extend digital help to survive the crunch.

Provide a Severance

Though it is a difficult option to execute, you should offer some compensation to your staff to survive the coronavirus pandemic. A severance pay includes a mix of healthcare benefits apart from the salary and other benefits.

For employers, staff members are crucial components. By giving fair compensation to the laid-off employees, you can win hearts of the existing staff, whom you cannot afford to lose. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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