Be an Agile Leader and Strive for Continuous Improvement

Agility is one of the key differentiators that can enhance a leader’s ability and vision to guide his followers. In this article at GCN, Kimberly Davis defines some traits of agile leaders, which you can imbibe to improve your leadership qualities.

Adopt an Agile Mindset

Your role as a leader is to create and deliver value for the team and clients. An agile mindset helps you foster collaborative action, right from the scratch. It promotes victory for small accomplishments, respect everyone’s opinion, and persistent effort to improve. Here is how you can imbibe it:

Celebrate Small Successes

Agile promotes quick actions that are influential in gaining the team’s support. So, recognize their efforts, and celebrate all their achievements. Get buy-in to sustain the subsequent wins as your team gain confidence with your assistance.

Pay Attention

People might have a different opinion than yours. If you respect and give preference to their views, your team will gradually open up and share their experiences. These opinions would help you form a better strategy to accomplish project goals. A culture of respect can open doors for innovation as people feel free to share their views.

Persistent Effort to Improve

Focus on improving yourself to become a better leader and individual. Constant improvement is the key to perfection. Your team can follow your footsteps to enhance their performance. So, lead by example and follow agile practices to work on your drawbacks.

Agile leadership demands commitment and involvement in transformation procedures. Teams can portray strength only when their leader sets an example. So, promote the zeal for improvement and help your organization create a better workforce.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://gcn.com/articles/2020/04/29/agile-leadership.aspx

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