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Invaluable Job Search Tips for Millennials

Millennials have always faced a challenge when looking for a job. Unemployment for millennials continues to remain high when compared to experienced and older workers. In fact, they won’t settle for the first job that comes their way. Classic advice such as, “avoid job-hopping,” does not apply to millennials as they are victims of industry instability and targets of layoffs. In this article at The Balance Careers, Madeleine Burry provides some practical tips for millennials on the job search.

How To Succeed In Job Search

Take Internships

Whether you’re still in school, graduated, or looking for a new job, taking an internship at an organization you want to work at is the perfect way to save yourself a lot of job-hopping.

Keep Your Resume Updated

Your resume is the only thing that defines who you are. Therefore, highlight your skills and goals. Let employers know your accomplishments. Make sure to update it regularly with your internships, online classes, volunteer work, and more. Additionally, use bullet points with keywords to emphasize your strengths. This will draw employers’ attention to your resume. 

Ask Questions

When you are looking for a new job opportunity, there is more to consider than just the salary. Ask interviewers about training and growth opportunities, and ensure that they align with your unique skillset and career aspirations. This will help you find the company that’s right for you.

Build a Strong Network

Building network goes hand-in-hand with brand-building. “Connections are valuable — from sharing a job description that hasn’t been posted to making an introduction, your connections can help with your job search greatly,” says Madeleine.  Make meaningful connections that will benefit you the most. Keep your network fresh to bolster your job search.

Don’t Get Discouraged

You might get frustrated when some things lad – like job offers or news about the next steps in the job search process. If you have done the best you can in setting yourself up for the job opportunity, things will undoubtedly come together for you.

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