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Crisis Communications: Your Key to Avert Possible Slipups

Rapid transformation, fluctuating market, uncertain climatic condition, or global outbreak of viral diseases, anything can cause a disruption. A clear communications plan is key to overcome the crisis.

In this article at Forbes, Caroline Tien-Spalding explains some common roadblocks to business communication and a practical approach to rout them.

Need for a Crisis Communication Leader

As a team lead, it is your responsibility to protect the team’s progress from disrupting elements. Establishing effective communication to lead the path in uncertain circumstances. Watch out for areas to defeat disruption:

Right Time for Decision-Making

Consider the existing situation and decide whether to hold the information in hand or spill the beans. If It will surely impact the team’s progress, then keep it under wrap. Else share it on priority to help them act on it.

Limit the Dependency

As you identify the crisis, set a time frame to communicate about it to the team. Do not wait for the management to obtain proof or assessment of its impact. Limited dependency can save a lot of confusion.

Verify and Share Facts

In uncertain circumstances, it is better to keep everyone well-informed about the real facts. It help the team understand and accept the reason behind your decision.

Path to Progress

Offer the best tools, resources, and practices to remote teams to improve work efficiency. Do not micromanage the group in crisis.

Bonus Guide

Apart from enabling the team to take quick actions using advanced tools. Help them mitigate the feeling of uncertainty and grim consequences of the crisis. This step ensures that you can deal with the crisis without triggering a panic among employees.

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