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Common Job Interview Questions and Ways to Answer That

Do you want to know some common interview questions and answers? Giving a winning job interview is possible by identifying the common interview questions and the intention behind each. Additionally, you must craft great answer for these questions and practice your answers until you are confident. In this article at The Muse, the author provides the frequently asked questions at an interview and the best ways to answer them. Let’s get started.

Guide to Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about Yourself

This question seems so simple yet very crucial. This question offers you with an opportunity to deliver an elevator pitch, providing the interviewer with information on who you are. Your answer must be, “Currently, I serve as an assistant to the CEO. During my time at the XYZ organization, I have been recognized for my writing abilities, commitment to excellence, and time management skills.”

Why Should We Hire You?

This question is often asked by interviewers to determine whether or not you took enough time to research the company and to understand why you see yourself as a good fit. Answer this question by summarizing your experience and mention aspects of the company that appeal to you:  “With five years of working experience in the IT industry and my proven record of solving technical problems, I could make a big difference in your company. Finding a company with a positive work environment has always remained a priority throughout my job search. I am sure that this company ranks at the top of the list.”

What are Your Weaknesses?

While answering this question, ensure to stay away from personal qualities and concentrate on your professional traits. “I had trouble saying ‘no’ and end up overwhelmed by my workload. Earlier, I would take on too many projects that I’d overwork to meet project goals. It was stressful. Therefore, I started using workload management tools, and since then, I have been setting better expectations for myself and my teammates.”

Do you want to learn more about interview questions and answers to stand apart in the competition? Of course, you do. Click on to learn how to answer frequently asked questions at the interviews.

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