How to Stop Interrupting and be a Good Listener?

Many professionals lack listening skills due to which they suffer undesirable situations sometimes. In this article at Medium, Jake Daghe shares his personal experience of transforming into a patient listener from a constant interrupter.

Stop It Now

Interruption is a behavioral flaw that you develop unintentionally. Often due to a lack of attention by peers, weak memory, or anxiety of putting your words forward. The reason could be countless, but once you know it, you have to make constant efforts to get rid of it. Here is what you must do to avert interrupting people:

Maintain Eye Contact

Keeping eye contact is not just a sign of respect towards the speaker, but it gives you less time to think. As a result, you cannot breach the conversation. Also, it gives you the ability to listen to the other person carefully.

Make Notes of the Discussion

Develop a habit of collecting the critical points out of a conversation. This way, your mind will remain involved in making quick notes and will forget to interrupt. Making notes does not necessarily mean penning down the conversation in a public place but focussing on understanding the key points.

Be Calculative

Assess the significance of your thoughts. Is it that essential to share, or you can wait for the person speaking to finish? The calculation will keep you quiet for some time. Probably, by then, the person talking will stop and ask you to share your opinion.

Stay Grounded

Confidence is Good, but being overtly impressed by your wisdom can turn against you. Your unintended attempt to interrupt a conversation may cause problems. So, to present yourself as a smart individual, remain quiet until the other person concludes.

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