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5 Ideas to Retain Consumers Amid COVID-19 Social Distancing

The unforeseen havoc created by novel coronavirus has brought the global economy under a grinding halt. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are making every possible effort to handle the distressing situation.

In this article at CO, Emily Heaslip suggests some smart ideas to retain potential consumers while ensuring the safety of your staff.

Customer Response Kit

Here is a survival kit for SMEs by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to maintain business hygiene and avert unwanted crises. If you retain customers and employees in the difficult situation, a promising opportunity will knock at your doorstep in the form of business growth. So, abide by these essential tips:

Maintain Proactive Communication

Leave no stone unturned to notify your customers about your availability to address their issues or concerns. Use social media, emails, video, or audio conferences to virtually connect with the clients. Strategize new ways to remain resourceful during the global lockdown situation without compromising the safety of your employees.

Offer Gift Cards

The situation is tough for everyone, even for the customers who can afford high-priced services. However, once the healthcare crisis ends, everyone will try to woo your consumers. So, better prepare for the worst now and offer gift cards to ensure that they are loyal to you.

Live Streaming

Use digital tools and social media channels to reach your potential consumers. Pick a free tool like Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom to extend remote services. Learn the trick of the trade from online tutors, gym trainers, and consultants. They are using Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels to connect with the clients. You can even promote the duration or time slot on your social media page to communicate with the customers.

Offer discounts

Indeed, it is not the right time to offer a discount as you might be suffering losses already. Nonetheless, find a way to woo the customers and refund or discount deals to stand out in the crowd.


Conduct online events or webinars to reach out to the clients. Help them find a way to reach you virtually. Interact with them through every possible channel of communication. Every proactive step you take now will open new doors for opportunities.

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