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Networking Etiquette: Tips to Build A Strong Network

Networking is vital to building a professional image and career positioning. To be good at networking, you must be good at networking etiquette. No matter what your profession is, networking helps you build solid relationships and aids in promoting your company, brainstorming ideas, resolving problems, sharing your thoughts, and fostering creativity and innovation. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby shares some important networking etiquette to improve your current networking capabilities.

Rules of Networking Etiquette

Network with Relevance

Restrict your professional contacts and engagements to businesses and people in your industry whom you think would be beneficial for your career growth. When considering a new connection, identify their areas of expertise and how people or businesses might be able to help you out professionally.

Be Honest and Trustworthy

There must be no hidden motives when it comes to networking. Be honest with them right from the start and have discussions about what you are hoping to gain from networking with them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Lead

“Check to see if there is someone in your network who can connect you to the hiring manager to ensure your resume gets attention,” says Stephanie. You must remember that many of the best jobs aren’t posted on public sites. Instead, they are kept confidential. Use LinkedIn to find connections at the company to secure such job positions.

Do Follow Up

Do let people know you enjoyed the conversation. Send them something of value, for instance, a relevant link, so they understand that you too were thinking of something besides your own needs.

In addition to the etiquette mentioned above, there are other simple rules that you must follow. Watch your language, keep the conversation friendly yet professional, be specific, and establish your reputation as a trusted resource while networking.

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