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Is Age Just a Number? Maybe Not. Read on to Know the Reasons

Does age matter in the workplace? Of course, it does. For many older employees, restructuring and globalization, in recent times, has made the workplace very different than it was when they started their careers. Incessant changes in the workforce have affected all employees, but older employees in particular. In this article at People Management, Maggie Baska discusses the results of the survey, conducted by LinkedIn. According to the research, age is one of the biggest barriers to job opportunities above gender, ethnicity, or educational background.

Ageism: A Reality in Today’s Job Market

Industry experts believe that the majority of employers are skeptical about hiring someone older as they fear that older employees would have their one foot out of the door to retirement. The study conducted by LinkedIn also reveals that older workers are more likely to cite age as an issue. On the other hand, older employees are more experienced and demand more wages. This makes it difficult for them to sell their CV to the recruiter who is looking to pay less. This is another barrier to the career progression of older employees.

Strategies to Keep Ageism at Bay

Learning never ends. So, it would be helpful if you keep yourself updated with the current technology and its uses, and the latest trends. Use platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to establish a professional public profile. Consider taking online technology courses as they will undoubtedly keep you competitive in the industry.

Many employers look for flexibility – working within the tight deadline, shifting priorities quickly, and being highly creative. Demonstrate your prior workplace scenarios to prove how adaptable you are.

Further, if your writing skills are top-notch, and if you have in-depth knowledge in your career field, then you must consider writing blogs that highlight your expertise. Additionally, set yourself up as an industry expert and,

  • Speak at reputed events
  • Mentor young workers in your workplace, and
  • Do some consulting

Are you looking for more information on age as a barrier to career progression? Check out to know more.

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