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Boost Your Workplace Productivity by Following 3 Steps

Excellent workplace productivity is always coveted, but few achieve it daily. How do you squeeze in work, family, and personal hobbies in just twenty-four hours? In this article at PM Tips, Elizabeth Harrin shares three steps that will give your workplace productivity a boost.

Improving Daily Workplace Productivity

Your workplace productivity depends on how you utilize every hour of the day. Here are the tips to maximize the available hours:

Create a To-Do List

You spend time sitting with your team, planning the scope, timeline, risk mitigation, etc. for a project. How much due diligence do you show for your daily workplace productivity? Write down the to-do list in the 15-minute coffee break you take in the morning. Out of all the tasks, prioritize a few of the items.

Come a little early to work to chalk out the day in peace. Try not to get distracted with stray conversations or avoid being pulled into one of them. If you are pressed for time in the morning, do it the evening before.

Conduct a Review of Your Daily Activities

Once done, set apart a time to review your activities. As you grow the habit, you can squeeze in planning and evaluating your workplace productivity in under 15 minutes. The unfinished tasks you encountered initially will be replaced by more proactive tasks later. If you received an extra assignment before leaving office, do it first thing the next morning to get back to the usual rhythm.

Even if you have not achieved a lot in a day, do not panic or mark yourself as an underperformer. Find out what stopped you from getting more done and how you can stop repeating the same mistakes. If you have accomplished everything in your list, work on the next set of tasks.

Set Aside Some Time for Administrative Tasks

Whether you are a senior manager or a team member, everyone must do some administrative tasks Do not immediately respond to frequent emails, notifications, calls, client requests, etc. Schedule some administrative hours when you will cater to all of them. However, do not reply to urgent emails at the end of the day when you are already spent. Leave those administrative tasks that are not timebound for the next day. Devoting an hour every day can reduce the mounting administrative tasks.

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