7 Career Risks You Should Be Ready to Take

70 to 80 percent of the working professionals do not regret taking career risks, according to a recent Zety survey. What urges them to make such a bold statement? In this article at Inc., Scott Mautz shares seven career risks that people are daring to take.

Career Risks That You Should Take

We chase our dreams all our lives. If not in real life, we remain eternally optimistic in our thoughts. Some professionals risk their stable livelihood to achieve those. Here are the seven career risks you should not be afraid to take:

Resigning from a Boring Job

Several go on grumbling and staying put in the job they hate for years. According to the survey mentioned above, 56 percent of the executives quit their jobs to pursue their passion. These people wanted more than a fat paycheck and a stable work environment.

Shifting Industries

Are your qualifications stopping you from hopping industries? If you are passionate, you will learn the ropes in no time. Since you have sufficient experience and skills from your old sector, you can always go back. Nevertheless, 41 percent have shifted their industries without regretting the decision later.

Calling Out Work Issues

You do not like your manager’s attitude but fear repercussions if you speak out. 39 percent called out their work problems, and they are doing fine. At least you will know why you are leaving the job.

Negotiating a Pay Hike

Are you not paid enough for your dedication and hard work? 34 percent negotiated with their employers. They were happy that they took the career risks. You can always sell your capabilities elsewhere should the employer fail to acknowledge your effort.

Pursuing Further Education

Several want to continue their education, but that would put a dent in their career. However, 27 percent went for further studies. An MBA degree or a PMP certification can certainly validate your credibility in the job.

Moving to the Work Location

24 percent do not regret taking such career risks. You will surely miss the warmth of your family, but you can always visit them during vacations. Moving closer to your workplace saves a lot of travel time and does not take a toll on your health and mind.

Following Own Dreams

22 percent of the executives believed that they must follow their dreams instead of fulfilling others. If you have been dreaming about opening a business, plan it, and go ahead.

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