Take Calculated Risks to Grab Better Career Opportunities

Those who aimed for switching job in 2020, they must pay attention to the new recommendations of job search. In this article at HAYS, Nick Deligiannis explains the calculated risks associated with the job search process.

The Art of Self-Disruption

Disruption is a negative term and many of you might wonder how self-disruption prove beneficial in career growth. However, to survive in the new era, disruption is the only way to bring out the best version of ‘you.’ Here is how you can do it:

Take Risk

Risk is the by-product of growth and progress. Without taking a calculative risk, progress is impossible. Before switching a job, make your mind and decide which career prospect may prove favorable for you. An absolute U-turn might bring initial challenges but soon, you will reap its rewards. So, act smart and pick the right job.

Remain Updated

2020 is the right time to ditch the conventional resume format and pick up new trends. Using significant keywords will prove beneficial in highlighting your CV in the crowd. So, keep a close watch over ongoing or fast-changing industry trends to make your resume impactful.

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Learn to Sell Yourself

If you aim to stand out of the crowd, be agile, and learn the trick of the trade to sell your skills. Take out time to research and learn some smart ways of showcasing your strengths and competencies to the recruiter. Work on improving your skills of self-representation at job interviews.

Attention Towards Online Presence

In the digital arena, both online and offline presence counts. So, those who are confident about their LinkedIn profile or tweets, its time to bring consistency in the online and offline content. Always remember, the recruiters check your online visibility and judge you over it during offline interaction.


Whatever career you choose, this soft skill will prove beneficial in proving your worth to the recruiters. Never underestimate the power of storytelling as it can make or break your image in front of your employers easily.

Stage Soft Skills

Before appearing for a job interview, do a self-analysis of your interpersonal or soft skills. It will help you search for smart ways to fill the existing gaps, if any. Also, focus on improving the soft skills acquired in the multiple jobs you have taken in the past.

Promote Transferrable Skills

The new-age employers are open to absorb agile mindset candidates only. So, showcase your flexible attitude and openness to diversify experience.

Do Not Demand Money First

Never focus on discussing salary beforehand, even though, the employers bring the topic during the initial phase of the interview. Always wait for an offer made by the recruiters and you can negotiate over it.

Focus on Long-Term Benefits

As you quote salary package, do not ignore the long-term benefits associated with the role offered to you. Many candidates refuse to accept significant roles due to less salary package which is impractical. Always think about the industry exposure and learning you will get along with the position.


Mechanization is picking pace and gradually taking over human efforts. So, think about your role if one-third portion will be taken over by automation. Identify and start working on the weak areas to upscale and learn new techniques that can ease your job. Do mention them in your resume.

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