Employers Are Looking to Hire for These 7 Big Data Job Profiles

According to NewVantage Partners, 91.6 percent of the executives were investing in Big Data. It is only natural that there will be a surge in Big Data jobs in the coming years. In this article at the Balance Careers, Alison Doyle shares how the employers are looking to hire for seven big data job profiles.

In-Demand Big Data Job Profiles

A recent Workforce Report conveys that there is a shortage of skills in data-related fields in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles. Find out below the Big Data job profiles that employers are looking to hire for:

Being an IT Data Scientist

As it is the top job in America, you can easily attract an annual pay package of $108,000. You must have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in computer science. Experience in clustering, regression analysis, decision trees, and support vector machines is also necessary.

Data Engineering

Draw a salary of $106,000 as it is also one of the most in-demand Big Data job profiles in America. A college degree in computer science or engineering, along with excellent communication skills, are enough for primary selection. You should have knowledge of Linux systems, SQL database design, and languages like Java, Python, Kafka, Hive, or Storm.

Data Analysis

Get over $60,000 for this role if you know Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, and SQL databases. You require satisfactory communication and presentation skills as well as stakeholder management capabilities.

Security Engineering

The annual package for these Big Data job profiles is $102,000. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering and security certifications are sufficient. Proficiency in problem-solving and math is essential.

Database Management

According to Glassdoor, you can earn an annual pay package of $73,545 if you work as a database manager. A bachelor’s degree in IT and 5-year experience as a database leader make you a skilled candidate. You must have a working knowledge of database applications like MySQL and Oracle.

Data Architecture

Big Data job profiles like data architect can earn you a lucrative $113,078 salary scale. A bachelor’s degree in a field that is related to computer science is enough. However, you should know languages like SQL and XML. Have an analytical and creative bent of mind with an eye for detail and problem-solving skills.

Technical Recruiting

Listed as one of the fifty best jobs in America by Glassdoor, companies are ready to pay well over $48,000. You should have advanced technical capabilities along with people management skills.

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