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Can a Social Media Post Impact Your Progress at Work?

Thanks to social media platforms, we can always stay connected. Also, the fear of missing out syndrome or FOMO provokes us to frequently post, share, and comment online. Unwittingly, you divulge more personal information about yourself than you would prefer to. In this article at LiveCareer, Audrey D. Brashich explains how a social media post might impact your progress at work.

How Social Media Works

Organizations want to have better visibility of how you are as a person. Googling your name can reveal all the data available online to anyone. Vancouver-based recruiter Steph Corker insists that you should be mindful of how you behave online. Here are a few guidelines you can follow before a social media post:

Post Sensibly

A social media post is going to be there forever. Post things that will not make you flinch some years later. If you do not mind revealing your personal beliefs online, ensure you can stand by it.

Consider the Ifs and Buts Before Posting

What you might think as a harmless comment might end up hurting someone’s sentiments. The social media post that sounded rational a year back can be controversial a few years later. So, before you upload or share something, gather sufficient knowledge.

Leverage the Platform

If you want to enter into a specific domain, make your profile look like that. For example, if you are foraying into the environment industry, provide constructive posts that show your preferences. It can help your recruiters find you conducive to their sector or organization.

Tweak the Settings

Instead of exposing yourself to unwanted scrutiny, create different settings for your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. You can also create private and professional profiles. Once done with the settings, check out if your personal social media post is still accessible to random viewers.  

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