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Why is A Clean Desk Policy Important for Your Business?

Did you know that nearly 55% of workplace theft occurs at the victim’s workstation? Further, studies have revealed that an average office worker loses approximately an hour a day to rearrange the disorganized office space. These are some of the significant reasons why it is essential to have a clean desk policy at the workplace. Clean Desk policy, often known as CPD, specifies how employees must leave their workspace at the end of their working day. CPD not only improvises the security and confidentiality of information but also helps the employees in keeping their desk neater, tidier, and organized.

In this article at The Balance Careers, Susan M Heathfield discusses why it is crucial to implement CDP in the workplace. Let’s get started.

Benefits of A Clean Desk Policy

Helps in Keeping Confidential Information Secure

According to CDP, employees must not write down the passwords on post-it notes. Confidential information lying around on desks will certainly put your business in jeopardy. In fact, sheets of papers containing private details of the upcoming project can make your business more susceptible to a security breach, fraud, or information theft. Therefore, employees must ensure to remove post-its, printouts, and USB sticks to reduce the risk significantly.

Assists in Keeping the Desk Clean

Appearance matters. A CDP encourages the use of digital documents, that helps in having a clean and decluttered office. This undoubtedly creates an excellent first impression for your employees, business partners, clients, and auditors. It portrays your business as presentable, organized, and trustworthy.

Aids in Reducing Stress

Improving desk hygiene and organized workstation reduces the employees’ stress levels. Knowing where the information is stored can help employees feel more efficient and in control. Taking five minutes at the end of the day to restore the order, create a cleaner workspace, and sanitize the desk will help in dramatically improving the work-life and attitude.

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