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4 Ways to Nurture Work-Life Balance for Working Parents

Work-life balance is not a practical concept as managing both personal and professional spaces require due diligence and precision. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Sponsel suggests smart ideas for the business leaders to prioritize work-life balance for their team members who are new parents.

The Life Skills

It is essential to accept the fact that giving your best to the current task in hand is the ideal approach to manage work-life balance. So, be agile and focus on tasks, schedules, meetings, appointments, and other daily essentials as a part of your routine. Only you can maintain consistency in it. Here are some productive learnings to help you balance work and home seamlessly:

  • Plan Further & Seek Support: Maintain your daily work to-do list and implement updates from the teams as well. For parents on maternity leave, divide her work within the existing team members equally, and ensure no one gets overworked. Maintain a daily spreadsheet that includes details of customer applications, ongoing projects, and future plans. It will help the employee on leave to understand the work status and quickly get back with her routine after an extended leave.
  • Initiate Discussions: For the working parents, it would be easier to relate with each other’s daily struggles to maintain a work-life balance. So, business leaders can initiate group discussions or create a book club where they meet regularly and share ideas.
  • Exploit PTO: Promote a culture of paid time off for the employees who have more than one child. You can offer a small bonus or financial incentives to the high performing parents to encourage them to do better.
  • Fun at Work: Working parents are always in a hurry to finish one task after the other. During this stressful routine, if the team lead initiates some fun activities, it will prove helpful in reducing the stress of new parents.

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