What’s Your Leadership Style? Know It Now

Are you a strict leader who makes everyone follow the rules or an easy-going boss with a heap of trust in your employees? What type of leadership style do you follow? There are many different leadership styles, but the best leader has his/her distinctive leadership style and is not afraid to make a difficult decision. Excellent communication skills and confident decision-making abilities are some common characteristics that many effective leaders share. In this article at NetNewsLedger, the author lists a few prevailing leadership styles that help you determine which style works best for you. Further, you can formulate your style accordingly.

Leadership Styles That You Must Know

According to the author, “Just as there are countless combinations of people making up any team with their own working styles, responsibilities and values, there are just as many leadership styles for management.” Let’s look at some of the leadership styles.

The Democratic Style

A democratic leader seeks consensus and collaboration. Though the leader makes the final decision, team members are a part of the decision-making process. The communication flows up, down, and across the organizational chart.

The Autocratic Style

As the name implies, this leadership style is about one person in control of everything. This style of leadership provides full power to the leaders to decide and impose decisions on the rest of the team. The autocratic style can have a demoralizing effect on the team members. However, this type of leadership is best applied to circumstances when the decisions need to be made quickly and when the leader is the most informed member of the group.

The Servant Style

Under this style of leadership, the leaders believe that their subordinates will deliver exceptional results when they are professionally fulfilled. The servant style of leadership can help the leaders boost employee morale, team collaboration, and can even support in keeping employees engaged at work. To learn in-detail about other styles of leadership such as pacesetter, bureaucratic, charismatic, coach, transactional, and laissez-faire, click on http://www.netnewsledger.com/2020/02/13/the-top-ten-leadership-styles-you-should-know/

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