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Simple Ways to Stop Obsessing About Work Outside Work

Many of today’s workforce cannot stop obsessing about work even when they have left for the day. A Korn Ferry study reveals that 66 percent of Americans suffer from sleep disorders because of work. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Zucker shares simple ways to stop obsessing about work outside work.

Working While Not Working

Obsessing about work has led many of us to bring work back home. Though we are physically at home, watching a movie, our mind is trying to figure out work-related solutions. Thinking about work throughout the day affects our health as well as cognition in the long term. Here are the simple ways to stop obsessing about work outside work:

Create a Task List for Tomorrow: Baylor University and Emory University researchers confirm that having a task list for the next day helps professionals sleep better. You keep thinking about the tasks you are yet to finish, and the resultant anxiety keeps you awake at night. Put a reminder on your phone or stick a post-it near your bed once you remember something at night.

Maintain a Diary: If there is conflict at work, do you feel restless even back home? You are obsessing about work then. Because you need to follow etiquette, you cannot always call a spade a spade at work. Why do you not write that down in a diary? A study conveys that students that have issues falling asleep had a quality one when they started journaling their thoughts.

Practice Kindness: Kristen Neff insists that you should be kind to yourself as you would to a friend. Author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, she explains that self-kindness removes all the toxic elements in your mind. Researches from Texas State University and Sun-yat Sen University reveal that being kind to yourself reduces sleep deprivation.

Exercise: The best way to stop obsessing about work is to exercise. Studies say that 30 minutes of exercise can improve your sleep quality as well as encourage more deep sleep. Exercise one or two hours before you hit the bed to maximize the benefits.

Meditate: If you are obsessing about work while doing household chores, you are not focusing on the present. Meditation is an excellent solution to addressing your lack of focus. Netherlands researchers found out that a 10-minute meditation before and after work can soothe your mind and enhance sleep quality.

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