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Adopt a Cosmopolitan Mindset: Find Creative Solutions to Tricky Problems

The global cosmopolitans are professionals who acquire cultural affiliations to establish presence in different locations. They are real go-getters who are willing to learn and spot new opportunities.

In this article at INSTEAD Knowledge, Linda Brimm explains that global cosmopolitans are valuable to an organization because they are adaptable to new markets.

Being Different from Rest

The global cosmopolitans have a skill set that complements their mindset of problem-solving. Here are some unique skills of global cosmopolitans:

  • Cognitive Flexibility: By operating in different languages and cultures, the cognitive complexity of global cosmopolitans has increased. This, in turn, has helped them to generate creative solutions to challenging issues. Their cognitive flexibility allows them to modify their former beliefs, thoughts, or habits, and enables them to discover new solutions and strategies.
  • Adaptive Capacity: The global cosmopolitans are upbeat even after going through significant transitions. Their adaptable attitude helps them remain competitive and turn a crisis into a lucrative opportunity. However, their learning may not always be useful to others because they fail to articulate and prefer to downplay their uniqueness.
  • Reinvention: Not just being flexible, the global cosmopolitans are efficient in reinventing. Their out-of-the-box thinking and go-getter attitude can transform your regular work culture.
  • Cross-Border Collaboration: By expanding their work horizon, the global cosmopolitans learn to collaborate and network with people across different time zones. Their ability to nurture remote relationships is essential in today’s world.
  • Common Learning: Those who live in different geographical locations and cultures, they are efficient to understand the unseen patterns and are highly observant. Their relational awareness and competence help them build strong relationships with different people.
  • Risk-Taking Aptitude: Because they are open to new opportunities and challenges, global cosmopolitans are ideal for taking risks and coping with them successfully. Their optimism overcomes fear and allows them to remain persistent to conquer new challenges.

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