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Networking Challenges Faced by Women in Big Corporates

In a bid to stand out in the male-dominated business world, women need to network like men. Experts believe that women with excellent networking skills land great opportunities.

In this article at Forbes, Roberta Kwok explains how socializing like or with men is important for a woman to earn lucrative job opportunities. However, her close ties with male colleagues impact her connection with other women in the organization.

Gender Disparity

Successful women tend to be more dominant but that is not enough to grab a rewarding job. They also need to maximize their access to broader market information like men. However, if the contact list of a woman does not contain contacts, she loses the upcoming opportunities.

Value of Diverse Network

Women with high supremacy and close ties with their female counterparts have an average job ranking of 2.5 times. Women can gather inside information of various developments taking place in the organization from fellow female colleagues. Gender-specific information will be useful for their career growth. So, keeping a robust system inside the organization is helpful for them to succeed.

Social Networks Matter

Social networks influence career paths for individuals eyeing leadership roles. In the digital arena, understanding the impact of social networks is vital. People can easily network with esteemed CEOs and CIOs with a click of a button. In the world of instant communication, social media is the lifestyle of women, which is an advantage. This opportunity needs to be converted into a robust outcome. The corporate world calls social media networking as an open opportunity for funding sources, mentors, experts, and potential clients.

Women can connect and seek advice on diverse levels blending their personal lives with professional. However, they should consider it as an added obligation. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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