Got a Job Interview? 7 Ways to Prepare Yourself

You have got a job interview in a week, and you have a gnawing feeling that you might not ace it. In this article at, get to know the seven ways you can prepare yourself well for a job interview.

Gearing Up for the D-day

You have given numerous interviews throughout your professional life, but you still feel edgy before one. Following are the seven ways you can prepare yourself well for a job interview:

Go Through the Employer Website: Every organizational role is aligned with company objectives. So, before you go for the job interview, visit the company website. Read the press release, vision statement, and recent news. You will get a fair idea about what your role will demand. Pictures of the employees will reveal the preferred dress code you should wear to the interview.

Surf the Net to Get Some External Views: Social media covers a wide range of companies, from startups to big brands. Get some external knowledge about the organization also.

Read Up Trade Journals: These journals inform how the company is faring in the industry. Learn about the challenges, issues, and wins of your potential employer. Use them to your advantage in the job interview.

Utilize the Network Within the Company: Do you know someone from the company? If not, you can always contact existing employees through a professional network. Find out about the work environment, business goals, and hiring preferences.

Check Out the Top Executives: You get to know about the CEO and top leaders of the company from the website itself. Read up on the senior executives too to identify their areas of interest.

Learn About the Hiring Manager: You might not know who the hiring manager is until you go for the job interview, so this is tough. Look for all possible interviewers. Find out their professional background, education, clubs, associated forums, etc.

Find Out About the Culture: Nowadays, companies are paying more attention to candidates that suit the company culture. Find out how you fit into the culture.

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