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Career Growth Tip: Ask Yourself If You Are Ready to Lead

Even after proving your efficiency at work by constantly delivering quality results, doubting your ability to step into a management role is common. Are you ready to deal with more? This question keeps nagging.

In this article at The Muse, Kat Boogaard shares signs that will help you figure out if you are fit to lead the managerial role.

Convince Yourself First

There is no blueprint for landing a management role. It only needs skills and self-confidence to fulfill the duties of the role that is possible by the right preparation. However, the author suggests a few signs that may help in boosting your confidence. Here is what you need to observe:

  • Ready to Answer: The best way to test your ability is to see if you are able to resolve the queries of your peers. The author states that being a manager means people will reach you to answer their questions ‘n’ number of times. If you are confident to tackle any query or situation then you are ready, but if the thought of it makes you clench your jaw, then drop the idea.
  • Give Up Control: Being a manager does not mean bossing around, but to manage a team efficiently. The managers need to lose grip and extend trust to the team.
  • Be Collaborative: See if you genuinely get excited to head a team meeting or its an added burden blocking your calendar. The management role demands meetings to brainstorm innovative ideas, ways to resolve an issue or assign tasks to team members. You need to hold regular stand-ups or check-ins with the teams while putting heads together with other supervisors and department leaders.
  • Problem Solver: The managers are likely to act as resources for other people, specifically those who work directly under them. If you are already looked at as the go-to person in your organization then it’s a sign that you are ready to step into leadership roles.
  • Growth of Teams: A genuine manager is the one who grows with the teams. The success of one is the success of all. The most effective leaders highly invest in the growth and development of their direct reportees.

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