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Check Your Website Health Using These 6 Questions

Businesses are dependent on website performance because nowadays the majority of consumers like to engage online. How do you know that the site is performing well enough? In this article at Business 2 Community, Dan Moyle shares 6 questions to check how your website performance is.

Running a Website Performance Checkup

Before you randomly establish metrics, figure out what you want to analyze. Below are the 6 questions you must ask to check your website performance:

Traffic: Find out how much traffic your website has daily, weekly, monthly and compare that to the previous data. It can vary based on the industry you are in, your targeted customer base, etc. Once you get the data, compare that to your competitor’s site as well to understand your website performance.

Lead Conversion: When you have millions of viewers but zero leads, your website performance is poor. The key reason for hosting a website is to effectively turn visitors into leads. Customize your messages based on the buyer persona. Modify the details when the visitors increase their engagement with you.

Social Media Efficiency: When you are not active on social media handles, it can affect your website performance. Find out the number of posts that link back to your website, the effectiveness of the platforms you use to market your brand, etc.

Video Marketing: While videos might not be the future, it will hugely increase the traffic on your website. Instead of long paragraphs on product features, post short videos. Today’s audience favors fast-consumable content.

Website Ranking on Search Pages: People hardly visit more than a few top links of Google search pages. So, if you are not showing on the top, there is a slim chance to profit from your website. Know the keywords that will improve your site performance. Tools like SEMRush and Moz can help you out.

Being Smart About the Content: Consumers only want to see what they are interested in. So, visualize content based on their industry, job title, previous purchases, etc.

Beyond all this, ensure you have a user-friendly website that provides value-added content to the right audience.

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