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Language Can Beat the Odds of Career Development

Career development aims at the initiatives taken by an organization like training and promotion opportunities towards each individual working for its growth. This is a relatively transactional approach as the focus is on satisfying the employee rather than on what will help them flourish.

In this article at, Judy Corner talks about the benefits of creating a culture of career development and learning in a multi-lingual organization.

Language Divergence

It is difficult to convey a message or to communicate with an individual who speaks a different language than you. But in case of similar dialect, exchanging words is easier. The author shares her concern over the communication gap between the four generations in the workforce now. The Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, and Z—all have different views and ways of expressing it.

The author believes that it is imperative that they understand those differences in each other so that they know how to speak each other’s language. For instance, putting their newly acquired language skills into practice, they learn that ‘difference’ is not the same as ‘impediment’. While, in a team that truly functions as a team, ‘difference’ can mean a strength that fills an organizational gap. But someone has to initiate the first step.

Challenges & Solution

The biggest challenges are the succession and retention of institutional knowledge. The workforce comprising three generations constantly shuffles between organizations at different organizational levels. The career path is nowhere as straightforward as individuals expect it to be. Uncertainty is high across all job functions, levels, and sectors.

The author believes that mentoring is the best solution to bridge communication gap to transfer knowledge across disparate sections of the organization. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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