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How Can A Competent Member Improve the Rest?

Incompetent peers can cause unexpected harm to the team by leading co-workers to major burnout. Those who cover for an incompetent co-worker, they may end up creating a vicious cycle of endless work for themselves.

In this article at Entrepreneur, Thuy Sindell and her co-author Milo Sindell suggest that in every organization, there must be an incompetent person who is not pulling his or her own weight.

Dealing with Undeniable

Hoping for best, the management expects the leaders to motivate and collaborate with incompetent underdogs. This may cause major job frustration among leaders as team burnout may reflect poorly on them. However, if they follow these surviving tips, their struggle may decrease a lot:

  • Clear & Explicit Communication: Lack of clear communication may turn into an opportunity for the incompetent people to save their back. As a result, it is the duty of the leaders to create a seamless work environment by establishing a communication system that everyone is expected to follow.
  • Documentation: Instead of admitting their fault or offering a suitable outcome, the incompetent employees are most likely to turn certain situations into a ‘he or she’ argument. To escape the fallout of these confrontations, document everything. Keeping work related queries or discussions over email will help you remain as objective as possible.
  • Stay Calm: Unavoidable conflicts are most likely to break out in a team. When tensions crops, find a place to de-stress first, analyse the situation and then pass your verdict to avoid the blame of being biased. Also, you can talk to some other professional outside your organization, a mature friend, to gain better perspective on the situation.
  • Be Ready for the Tough Choices: After dealing with an incompetent co-worker for long, it is tempting to let them fall on their face. Instead of wasting time on them, try to deviate your focus on other team members who must be working hard to gain your attention. If you focus on others, the incompetent one might start making efforts to gain your attention.

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