Dear CEOs, Its Time to Embrace Your Fear

Running a business successfully could be a frightening call for the CEOs, who are authorized to take decisions that may affect individuals working under them. The shelf life of a corporate CEO is not more than four years, which adds more fear to the role.

In this article at Manage Magazine, Mariano L.M. Heyden with her fellow author Mathew Hayward brings forth the vulnerabilities of a CEO, why it is vital for them to pay attention to the fears associated with their job and much more.

The Feeling of Dread

Fear is nothing but a predominant powerful emotion that every individual experiences. Even the powerful CEOs of big firms are not untouched by fear. However, it is their responsibility to never present themselves as a dreadful leader as the display of emotions is contagious to their job.

However, showcasing only positive emotions like passion for work is equally perilous for the CEOs’ health. Reason being, their decisions based on positive emotions alone may lead to overly optimistic estimations of their abilities. Thereby, it is essential for them to embrace the negative emotion of ‘fear’. This will help them take the right decision.

Vulnerability: Source of Fear

As your vulnerabilities are exposed, you may end up experiencing fear that triggers preset evolutionary responses of freeze or numbness. The author quotes three prime sources of vulnerability that may ascend CEOs’ fears.

  • The notion that leaders are liable to human limitations. CEOs’ personal vulnerability ranges from physical exhaustion, lapse of moral judgment, emotional burnout, and even inability to get the job done.
  • The reliance on conducting business. By extending trust on wrong people or overburdening the good ones, CEOs may end up damaging reputation of themselves, their employees, or key business partners.
  • Unforeseen external shocks like technology disruption, irrepressible market forces, or even natural disasters are major reasons for fear.

The authors believe that CEOs acknowledging and acting upon vulnerabilities and fears are reliable. They need to acknowledge that they are still at the ‘work-in-progress’ stage of their career. This will help them remain self-aware and open to vulnerabilities. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://managemagazine.com/article-bank/organizational-change-article-bank/ceos-need-embrace-fear/

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