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6 Management Skills You Need to MoveUp the Corporate Ladder

Starry-eyed new recruits join big firms and work hard to climb the corporate ladder. However, not everyone makes it to the top. In his blog article, Art Petty explores 6 management skills you need to successfully move up the corporate ladder.

Skills for Scaling the Corporate Ladder

Some recruits are talented, born leaders but they still need to acquire new skills and experiences to earn their place in the world. Some play by the rules while others make new rules. Not everyone can achieve success in the same way, but, yes, skills are always useful and should always be honed. Following are the 6 management skills to get you up the corporate ladder:

Leading in the Gray Zone: It is the toughest sphere of leadership that all managers face. You must solve those invisible issues that isolate teams and cut off support. It is your management skills that can help solve these critical drawbacks of a company.

A Manager That Listens: Petty’s mentor gave him invaluable advice—“You’ll go as far as you can communicate”. Out of all the communication skills, listening intently can help identify subconscious fears and suppressed inspirations of your teammates.

Keeping Calm Under Pressure: Team members come from various backgrounds and conflicts of interest can erupt into shouting matches. Learning how to keep calm and control the situation can surely help you move up the corporate ladder.

Understanding Political Diplomacy: The higher you go up the corporate ladder, the more you encounter politics. You should know whom to support or influence to seamlessly get things done.

Being Aware of the Self: Managers cannot win over their team if they doubt their own decisions. Right or wrong, you must confidently make decisions.

Ability to View Situations from a Different Angle: This is one of the highly effective management skills. Acquired once, it can make you farsighted and an asset to the company. With knowledge of various factors influencing the market, you can aid the organization to stay ahead of the competitors.

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