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6 Stages to Reduce Distraction at Work by Digital Devices

A study by the Pew Research Center reveals that 15 percent of working professionals face distraction at work due to digital devices. And, why not? A British study reveals that we pick up digital devices every 12 minutes. In this article at strategy+business, Julia Hobsbawn shares 6 stages to limit distraction at work by digital devices.

Ways to Reduce Distraction at Work

We encounter distraction at work almost 80 times a day as per the British study. Those who say that they face no issue, a Stanford University study reveals that ‘multitasking is a myth’. To reduce distraction, dumb phones are becoming popular. These phones allow only calls and texts and give no access to the net. TO help you further, following are the 6 stages to reduce distraction at work by digital devices:

Stay Away from Digital Devices: Keep your smartphones and tabs as far as possible to limit the provocation of lifting them up frequently. Managers must ensure that they do not mandate employees to be available around the clock.

Focus Deeply: Computer scientist Cal Newport recommends that you work with all your concentration, i.e. ‘deep work’. When you constantly shuttle between emails, social media, and work, you are actually performing ‘shallow work’.

Accept That All Your Choices Cannot Be Perfect: People like Steve Jobs and Barack Obama keep their clothing choices to a minimum to reduce ‘decision fatigue’. Instead of going through all the options, limit your choices to prevent distraction at work.

Switch to Analog Devices: Studies confirmed that writing something on paper remains in your mind more than what you type on the digital devices. Smartphones and laptops cannot connect to your neural network better than your hand-to-eye coordination.

Prefer One-on-Ones More: Digital conversations can no doubt work effectively and they do not improve team bonding. So, share light moments with your team during your spare time instead of fidgeting with your smartphone.

Change Your Habits: Extreme measures of not touching a digital device for a day can further increase your distraction at work. Form habits like not keeping the smartphone beside you while in bed.

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