6 Persuasion Tactics That Work Well for Leaders

Be it a startup or well-established brand, all leaders must have great persuasion tactics. They come in handy during tricky situations like convincing stakeholders during a company downtime. In this article Inc.com, find out the 6 persuasion tactics that work well for leaders.

Leadership and Persuasion

While persuasion tactics are used for subjective benefits, those succeed only when you have other’s well-being in mind. Following are the persuasion tactics leaders must learn fast:

Show You Care, Genuinely: MVP Visuals president Ben Camerota observes that customers “are more open to change when they believe the other person cares”. When customers understand that you are there to solve their issues, you hardly need to pitch company services to begin with.

Use Name During Talks: Dale Carnegie, in How to Win Friends and Influence People, confirmed that using names can get your job done faster. Banish founder Daisy Jing observes that this type of persuasion tactics connects customers to you more.

Be Articulate: Complex terms cannot win hearts but using the right words at the right time can get you a contract. Be Inspired PR founder and CEO Leila Lewis ensures she has ‘takeaway phrases’ that would sink in the customer’s mind. Later, people would come up to her and talk about those phrases and offer her assignments.

Allow the Other Party to Speak Ahead of You: When the customers speak before you, they express what they expect to get out of the meeting. You can make mental notes of it and match your services to each. Convene co-founder and president Christopher Kelly remarks that this way you “appeal to somebody’s human side, which is where decisions end up getting made”.

Infuse the Idea as Theirs: ZinePak co-founder Kim Kaupe observes that people use persuasion tactics to shift customers from one idea to the other. Instead of directing them, ride along in their journey and provide solutions whenever they face an issue. By the time the journey ends, the customers think it was their idea altogether.

Talk About the Future Achievements and Not Your Brand: Unleashed Technologies CEO Michael Spinosa suggests that one of the persuasion tactics is to focus on personal goals. Stop doing that. When you are thinking more about mutual benefits, people open up.

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